About BepBop Utopia

A gamified world of Utopia where actions change lives of people in real world!

BepBop is the name of a planet from another galaxy that has achieved utopia. One day on a space exploration mission they found the planet earth and decided to stay and help the earth become a utopia.

The BepBop Utopia is a mobile app developed for every citizen of the planet earth. They can use it from anywhere and just by using the app they can change the lives of people. People can see the change they're making while using the app and there are so many things the user gets in return like giveaways, gifts, vouchers, and many more.

We have the following goals:

  • Eradicate poverty by promoting SMEs or building small businesses in a community.
  • Finding decent work and economic growth opportunities for underprivileged and minorities individuals or families.
  • Fight climate change by planting more and more trees.

  • Our primary target group is the people anywhere in the world living below or close to the poverty line.

    We work to bring people above the poverty line by establishing a monthly basic income through setting up a small business or putting them in a job that our partners share with us so that they can take care of themselves as well their families. We handle everyone as a new individual and we go case by case and try to help people everyone in a different manner so that we can be more confident about the successful outcome.